Why use templates? Templates offer two very critical advantages. First, templates simplify working tasks, they are general and reusable. Second, templates exploit the accumulated expertise and in-depth knowledge of people who have done this job before you.

We evolved as a boutique business graphics and webdesign studio and gradually transformed into a lively web marketplace feeding dozens of webdesign/graphic professionals and subcontracting odd jobs for high-tech community. This site has been set up first as a hobby and as a collaborative at-hand-depository of templates useful in all aspects of activity of a small business. After lifetime of setting up sophisticated websites based on Php, MySQL, Ajax and JavaScript we have re-discovered simple joys of plain vanilla HTML websites. In our experience most of small businesses do not need more than a simple CSS website with a few pages. Simple HTML-only websites can be hosted at Amazon S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service). What you lose in functionality by giving up php, you gain in page loading speed (increasingly important SEO factor), reliability, 100% uptime, security and low cost.

Templates:business graphics, webdesign, infographics, presentations, business plans, conference posters

We love doing corporate presentations, conference posters and writing business plans. Our specialty is design of minisites, landing pages and squeeze pages. We are customizing obsolete website templates to refresh customer’s site and create unique design elements giving your site a new life. Mostly we design conference websites, technology/scientific content websites and hobbyist websites. We do not engage in any project of doubtful purpose, no snake oil please.

For our graphic solutions we use unique images from the proprietary stock photography archive Posters.org, a large collection of original photos, including very rare restored and retouched vintage images.

Another area of our expertise is keyword research and premium domain names. Assigning a premium domain name based on thorough keyword research to a high quality website makes a difference between successful online business and failure.