SWOT Analysis Template

Here is an example of SWOT analysis used as a part of decision making process.

Situation: We are a webdesign studio. We have to make a decision whether to participate in a tender for the government media development contract to create content, design and maintain a government agency website. We use SWOT analysis to sort out cons and pros of going after this project.

swot analysis


  • We have a creative team with an impressive list of technical skills;
  • We are well versed in the business side of the project, out team includes former executives and business consultants;
  • We have sufficient financial resources necessary to participate in such projects;
  • Our portfolio includes successfully completed projects for government and public organizations.


  • Our human resources are already strained out over existing projects;
  • Geographically our office is far removed from the potential customer headquarters;
  • We are not politically connected;
  • Our top people are not built for long, dull and repetitive tasks.


  • This government contract can bring a significant revenue increase;
  • Once we are in the system, we can get more government orders;
  • Listing this project in our portfolio would boost our image with government and public organizations;
  • We can learn a lot from running this project.


  • We can lose our old customers by diverting our resources to the new project;
  • Travel costs could be prohibitively high and in the long run can seriously undermine revenue increase;
  • Bidding process could be a serious drag on our financial and human resources;
  • While chasing this contract we can lose other lucrative technology intensive projects where our competitive edge is even more pronounced.

Download SWOT analysis template – PowerPoint Presentation or pdf.

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